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General Information

Our articles contain general information about the treatment and examination stages in the light of orthopedic surgical experience. The information is not for therapeutic purposes, it is only to be fully understood by medical doctors. The Internet contains information that should not be applied to end users.


Arthroscopy is an optical system and enables the examination of joint with a video camera at the end of the system. The structure within the joint can be examined in details..
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Dwarfism develops as a consequence of genetic disorders. The most common type is Achondroplasia. However, length of the body is in normal size in children..

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A curvature on a limb in one or in several planes is defined as deformity. The curve may be present in frontal, sagittal or rotationel plane and may be seen in multiple..
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Knee and Hip Prostheses

Total knee prosthesis is the procedure of generating a superficial joint covering the worn joint surfaces using special metal and polyethylene compounds ..
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Congenital Orthopedic Diseases

A manifestation due to the incoordination of the hip during the developmental period of the children. It used to be defined as Congenital Hip Dislocation..
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Prosthesis Infections

Septic arthritis(infection) or ‘prosthesis infection’ may develop on prosthesis joint in early(first 1-3 months) or late(after 3 months) period following the hip and knee..

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Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip

A manifestation due to incoordination of the hip during the developmental period of the children. It used to be defined..
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Ilizarov Surgery

Professor Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov was born in Caucasia(USSR) in 1921. He started school when he was 11 years old due to difficulties..

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In today’s orthopedics practice, surgeons spend most of their time on the treatment of fractures. However, sometimes..
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Bone Lengthening Surgery

The limb lengthening surgeries are generally performed in cases of short stature resulted due to congenital and genetic diseases.

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Bone and Joint Infections

Joint infections, also defined as septic arthritis, are one of the most common orthopedic diseases which require immediate treatment.
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Revision Joint Replacement Surgery

Revision Knee Replacement means that part or all of your previous knee replacement needs to be replaced with newer parts.
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