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The sports injuries have become more frequent as the number of exercising people have increased in recent years. Sports injuries may develop in any person who is exercising not just only in professional sportsmen. Injuries may even develop during the daily activities. Excessive force without proper warm-up exercises may be the cause for the injuries.

Shoulder Problems

Shoulder injuries is one of the most frequent sports injuries. Generally develops in people who play basketball, volleyball and fighting sports. The injuries develop due to tendinitis which is caused by sudden tendon rupture or recurrent microtrauma. The symptoms of pain and movement restriction may also be present in the inflammations of the subacromial bursitis.

Extremity relaxing, ice and medical treatment is recommended in early period. The main treatment is performed by taking ultrasound and MRI when the pain is reduced. Tendon repairment is performed using arthroscopy or open method in presence of tendon rupture.

Elbow problems

The problems are particulary present in people who play tennis or golf. The symptoms are pain and sensitivity in the inferior and exterior region of the elbow. Diagnosis is through physical examination. Conservative treatment with local cortisone injection, bandages and ice is prescribed after the diagnosis is confirmed using ultrasonography and MRI. Most patients will feel better after the treatment. If the treatment does not relieve the pain, then surgery is performed.

Wrist and hand problems

The problems are particulary present in people who play basketball, volleyball, handball and rarely football.Tendinitis are frequent due to recurrent microtrauma. Functional restriction is present on the affected region. Treatment recommendations are ice, resting, relaxing the extremity using splints and medical treatment. Surgery is rarely required.
The wrist fracture or joint dislocations may develop less frequently due to severe trauma. In such cases, sudden severe pain, loss of function and deformity are present. Immediate treatment must be provided by a physician.

Hip and femur problems

Sports injuries in muscles of hip region is frequent because hip is one of the joints which carries the body load.Excessive exhaustion develops in the interior and anterior muscles of the thigh bone. The pain gets worse by the time in the affected region. Generally it will not be possible to pursue the sports. Otherwise, ruptures may develop on muscle if force is applied. Therefore, sports must be interrupted when the symptoms are present. Ice and bandage treatment is recommended. Generally, flat racing can be initiated after one week of rest.

Knee problems

Most sports injuries of the professionals and amatuers develop in this region. The most frequent injuries are osteochondrial lesions, meniscus ruptures, anterior cruciate ligament ruptures and rarely the dislocation and fractures of knee joint.
Swelling, pain, lock and activity restriction is present on knee in meniscus rupture; discharge and instability symptoms are present in walking. Diagnosis is made thorough examination and MRI. If meniscus ruptures are identified in early period they may be repaired depending on the region and type of the rupture. Otherwise, the rupture is removed by arthroscopy. In early period of anterior cruciate ligament rupture pain, swelling, lock and joint sensitivity are present and discharge and instability symptoms will be present in walking. Reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament may be performed particularly for the professional sportsmen , and for young and active patients. Patellar tendon or hamstring tendons are used as graft in reconstruction. Medial and lateral ligament ruptures may also develop. Generally the treatment is thorough the use of braces.
Dislocation and fractures may develop on knee joint region due to the intensity of the trauma.The vessels must be carefully examined before surgery particulary in dislocations because popliteal vessel injury may develop. Surgery is the main treatment option for dislocation and fractures.

Ankle problems

Ankle twisting is the most frequent sports injury. The problems may vary from a simple twisting to ankle dislocation and fractures.The most frequent injury is antero-talo fibular ligament rupture. Treatment is the use of braces and bandage in early period. Reconstruction of lateral structures is required when chronic lateral instability develops due to recurrent twisting.

Aschilles Tendon problems

Achilles tendinitis is frequent particularly in athletes due to recurrent microtrauma.The treatment is resting, the use of ice, braces and medicine. One of the rare conditions is Aschilles tendon rupture. Develops due to excessive exhausion. The patient defines the complaint as an electroshock or kick of someone from the back side. Generally the treatment is surgery.

Stress fractures

Generally develop due to excessive and recurrent microtrauma. Generally present on hand and foot bones. In cases of unexplained localised pain complaints, stress fracture must be kept in mind. If the lesion cannot be observed on X-ray then the diagnosis is made through scintigraphy and MRI. Generally the treatment is conservative.