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Total knee replacement is the creation of an artificial joint by covering the worn joint surfaces with special implants made of metal and polyethylene, which are designed for painless joint movement. Knee prosthesis, which was first applied in 1968, has been developed with surgical techniques, materials used and advances in design, and has become a much more successful treatment method today.

Total knee prosthesis is suitable for patients whose knee pain cannot be controlled with rest, drugs, physical therapy methods, cane usage and intraarticular injections and patients with daily living activities such as walking and climbing stairs are severely restricted and advanced destruction of the articular cartilage. It is preferred that the patient is between the ages of 60-80, but in some special cases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteonecrosis, prosthesis can be made at an earlier age.

The image of our 67-year-old female patient before and after total knee arthroplasty.